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I have a passion for people who love what they do and are confident that they create value, for them, their teams & organization, for the world. 
With my clear (strong & gentle at the same time) interventions, I contribute to their growth. 

I love to work with people, teams and organizations who dare to move forward, see opportunities and willing to take risks. Who are not afraid of challenges and complexity, see the beauty in the journey of entrepreneurship. Dare to innovate.

I support you in your growth by connecting you (and what is meaningful to you), what you do, with your team and in the world. You could say I facilitate a process to connect the dots.

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Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever did

Margeret Mead

Life is saying yes to opportunities and grab them. As a young adult I committed to develop children’s creativity and playfulness. During my studies in adult education I learned and experienced the importance of mutual learning and the strength of empowering people, once they discover their potential.

For the last 20 years I have worked with people in different circumstances and with different backgrounds, the “file rouge” is being curious for their qualities, what their challenges are, listen to it, appreciate it, and support them in gathering new insights that open  pathways for action. I deeply care for this precious process. The art of facilitation in its essence… My further training in systemic work & coaching helped me to master it even better.

I took my first steps in professional facilitation in the world of occupational health and safety, supporting employees to assess their professional risks, discovering their resilience in challenging working conditions (e.g. stress) and offering them possibilities to master their situation better.

As an HR consultant at Kaleido Consulting I have worked for Colruyt Group and facilitated the process of defining the vision, mission & values for the executive committee.

In 2009 I started as an independent consultant, founded Jungo and joined CONGAZ. I started to coach start ups (Ontoforce, Smartmat, Bubble Post, Nightingale … )
I was Crossroad BDO’s HR director for three years, supporting their growth and creating HR policies and practices,  fit for their business and challenges.

Over the years I kept on learning. I became a systemic coach, developed coaching skills for HR business partners, discovered the rich potential of Theory U at the Presencing Institute of MIT, and learned to master the business model canvas of Alex Osterwalder joining his Master Class and Bootcamp which makes me one of the few well trained facilitators using Strategyzer tools. 

I am lecturer in facilitation skills in idea & innovation management at the University College Erasmus Hogeschool Brussels.
Together with Timmy Baert, Damien Braeckman and Filip Hendrickx I have launched http://www.babel-journey.eu/, an immersive learning journey to live business agility and create value for our world.
I am president of the board of directors of the Heerlijckyt van Elsmeren, a wonderful place for precious encounters, personal growth and seminars www.heerlijckyt.org
It is an honour being part of that powerful place where you can sense the presence of history, nature and beauty. 

I love life and what it brought me, three sons, and in my extended family even 3 more. I have a passion for travelling through different countries, enjoying nature while cycling, reading and learning, and most all, doing this in company of my soul and life mate Jan. 

Karen Peirens

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