Take your online facilitation skills to the next level

Today, almost everything goes online, and it will stay like that for a while. What does that mean for us as facilitators? What role can we play and what value can we bring to a digital meeting? And how can we train people to take up that role?

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Facilitation: the art of giving up control in a controlled way

A story about why everyone involved in a team or group work can benefit from acquiring basic facilitation skills.

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Looking for your next learning opportunity?

It's all about agility or teal these days... what´s in a word? And how can you grow in the necessary skills to become more agile yourself and help your team and organisation become stronger to handle today´s challenges in this rapidly changing contexts?

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The Babel Journey launched !

Enjoy a 1 year learning experience on business agility, with a new corss organizational team, working on a social relevant topic, supported by 4 seasoned coaches.

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Discover your thinking style and unleash your potential

Accelatrate our potential, that’s wat it is all about at Fierce Ladies.
During a Fierce Ladies Academy I took 20 ladies on a journey to discover their creative potential. Creative problem solving is vital in todays world. But, we all tackle challenges in different ways. Getting insight in how you tackle the creative proces can be very helpful to get some grip on your way to accelerate your business idea or project.

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Fierce Ladies Academy: Discover your thinking style and boost your idea

I will be running a Fierce Ladies Academy on March 21st in Brussels @Orange.

In this academy you will discover your thinking style preference using the FourSight framework and questionnaire.

After an “Accelerate your idea” workshop, you maybe wondered… what is my next step? And why does it take me some effort to move forward? And why does it seem so simple to others?

FourSight can answer that for you !

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The importance of having a common purpose

Without a clear mission & vision, joined forces around it, every challenge, every day to day business problem, every situation is confrontation with the fact there is no common ground or purpose. Spending time to align this helps you to prevent losing time, effort and money.

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Prototype a concept bootcamp

A large corporate has a dedicated team of innovation specialists, involved in creating prototypes for new concepts. Being part of the company for so long, being “innovative” became a challenge. At the same time the diversity in the team became a struggle. Young designers, digital thinking minds, and more technical experienced team members with a long history in the company.

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FourSight thinking styles is a tool, developed by Gerard Puccio, a well known professor at the New York State University at Buffalo. FourSight measures your preferred thinking style in the innovation process. Based on the creative problem solving process it gives you an idea on what you prefer: clarifying the problem or situation, ideation to find new opportunities and solutions, develop the best solution, or simply act. Preferences show up as strengths, or as potential blind spots.

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FourSight Thinking System in strategy development: a long lasting relation

Congaz started using the Foursight Thinking Profile 8 years ago, and in the mean time we have become strong believers in the instrument as well as its applications.  We keep on developing our experience and shared it several times at the yearly FourSight Users Forum, as I did last month.

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Mission accomplished

Yesterday I had an amazing day! Lorenzo Bown asked me to run a workshop for StoryMe's 80 coworkers during their yearly weekend. His enthousiasm was contaminating. I could simply not resist ! They aimed to share and co-create their mission, vision and strategy with the whole team - 50% just recently joined the company.

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My creative unconscious self

Since a while I’m observing how creativity kicks in during workshops, without me being fully conscious about it. Reading a book by Oliver Sacks on consciousness, I was surprised this is a topic of interest for scientists.  

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