Prototype a concept bootcamp

A large corporate has a dedicated team of innovation specialists, involved in creating prototypes for new concepts. Being part of the company for so long, being “innovative” became a challenge. At the same time the diversity in the team became a struggle. Young designers, digital thinking minds, and more technical experienced team members with a long history in the company.

During a two day bootcamp, we used FourSight (link naar FourSight story) to help team members understand how they function, to understand their colleagues and to discover how they function as a team.

At the same time, we used the FourSight framework (clarify, ideate, develop, implement) to create a new concept. Since FourSight helps to make clear where individuals and team preference were in this process, team members understood better why they struggled in the clarifying phase (losing a lot of energy), why ideating in an unfamiliar way did not work for all of them, and why being confronted with a clear message suddenly gave them a lot of drive and energy.

At the end of the two-day workshop 3 prototypes were ready in a design phase, roles to move forward were assigned and the team committed to well defined team roles.

The richness of FourSight, not only as an assessment tool, but also as a source of tools to develop skills in creative thinking, and the clear process to innovate were a big help to this team. 

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