What I do

In what I do 4 elements are crucial:  people (I), team (We), strategy (What), and context (World). 

In that field I help you to clarify and discover what is at stake, generate opportunities, develop and cocreate solutions and get ready to implement and grow.
I do this in a open minded way, inviting and challenging you to look in a 360° perspective. 

I facilitate your meetings or workshops to get the best possible result out of it, involving every participant, getting them committed in co-creating outcomes together and recording the results making them sustainable over time.

Align for the future

I help you to get aligned for the future. 
I love it when I see sparkles in the eyes of young entrepreneurs and leaders when they discover what they love to do in life, and are able to connect this to their colleagues, partners, organization. 

Traditionally we call this discovering your mission and vision and developing a clear strategy. Nowadays we call it “find your purpose”, sense it and respond to it.
I like to keep it simple and call it open your eyes for what is at stake, in your life, in your team, in your business. Share it, make it explicit, get aligned and go for it. 
"Without a mission and aligned forces every question and every day to day issue, becomes a confrontation with the fact there is no sense of a common purpose" – Daniel Ofman
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Boost your team

Life time is precious so spend it well. Don’t lose energy and time in disfunctioning teams and meetings. I help you to build resilient and agile teams. 

Let’s press the pause button for you and your team and zoom in on how you are doing. Is your team focused? Are roles & responsibilities clear? Is their openness and safety to handle tension? 
Do you have energizing meetings? Dare people speak up? 
Are you suffering from “strategic bla bla”? (Alex Osterwalder?)
Are you struggling with implementing “agile” or “teal” working? Longing for more self management in teams? 
Often teams look at this as uncomfortable sources of tension, I strongly belief that a tension is nothing more or less than experiencing a difference between what is now, and what you are longing for. 

During the “pause” we make a team scan, establish an open climate step by step, create a team charter (in your words), commit to it. We prepare the scene for clear and honest feedback. 
This helps you and your team to look at “tension” as a source of energy. 
"Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet." – Simon Sinek
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Go beyond idea generation

Are you creating a new business or are you confronted with a challenging context (competition, complexity, speed) and do you need a breakthrough? Do you want to structure your idea generation? Are you confronted with a demand for a new value proposition? 

In a bootcamp style I help your team to tackle these strategic challenges. First we clarify the challenge, in co-creation we go for ideas, we further improve them and make them ready to pitch.

Unleash your creative potential, build your creative thinking skills, improve your innovation ability
"The best way to help people maximize their creative potential is to allow them to do something they love" – Teresa Amabile
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    Karen creates an open atmosphere where a common purpose can grow and where teams can orient themselves towards that purpose."
    Elisa Baetens, Colruyt Group
    The new business concept which we defined, within a challenging and rapidly evolving world demanded an audacious approach to establish an innovative, intrapreneurial culture and mindset beyond the boundaries of a classical organizational structure.
    Karen introduced us to the principles of holacracy and “teal” and familiarized us as a team with concepts such as self-management and wholeness and facilitated interactive workshops in which we could develop our new and innovative organizational structure. This was consistently backed up with real-life examples and case studies as inspiration. Far from copy-pasting existing models, Karen encouraged us to probe what really works, is appropriate and felt just right for us. It is exceptional to be able to inspire people who are used to function in a traditional set-up to really embrace out-of-the box thinking, explore new ways of collaboration, have them truly believe in it and implement accordingly. Karen made us step entirely out of our comfort zone and demonstrated time and again that she can do this – and more – all the while transferring her positive energy and enthusiasm onto the team. 
    Hilde Marcelis, Colruyt Group
    Karen made us step entirely out of our comfort zone and demonstrated time and again that she can do this – and more – all the while transferring her positive energy and enthusiasm onto the team
    Hilde Marcelis, Colruyt Group
    Many thanks for what you did for us up till now. I could never imagine to have reached the point we have reached with our company. You did a great job.
    Michel De Waele, Bubble Post
    On a regulary basis we take a look at the actions and topics we agreed upon during the team time-out we had, guided by your professional facilitation. That day really changed things and brought us something. The overall atmosphere in the team improved. My team members are open to address difficult topics with each other directly. We often refer to the FourSight framework you offered us and we appreciate each others qualities. The day helped us to discover them. Thanks a lot for this ! 
    Lander Vanderroost, Colruyt Group. 


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