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Accelatrate our potential, that’s wat it is all about at Fierce Ladies. 

During a Fierce Ladies Academy I took 20 ladies on a journey to discover their creative potential. Creative problem solving is vital in todays world. But, we all tackle challenges in different ways. Getting insight in how you tackle the creative proces can be very helpful to get some grip on your way to accelerate your business idea or project. 

To do so I used FourSight. FourSight is a tool, developed at New Your State University in Buffalo.

FourSight helps you to discover what your preference is in the creative thinking proces: clarify the problem and describe it precise and complete, ideate generate options and opportunities, develop and go for the perfect solution by testing options out, discover advantages and pitfalls of alternatives, or jus do it - implement


All participants filled in the assessment and during an active workshop discovered their thinking profile. For some it was a surprise “The context I’m working in for years covered my preference well, I’m not that analytical as you might think”, to others it was a confirmation on what they already know “Let’s move to some action” or “I’m an integrator, I know it, it’s wat I do, connect people, projects, ideas and supporting them”. 

The dominant profile present in this room full of ambitious women was that of a “driver” (high ideation and high implementation). No surprise that a simple mission as “built the highest free standing tower, just using paper and tape” ended up in something special. 

FourSight workshop creativity tower
Curiosity was triggered : how does this work in teams? How does this influence the interaction between people? With whom do I team up best, a look-al-like or do I go for diversity? And what are the differences between man and woman. FourSight research on that topic is announced, I'll keep you posted  Fierce Ladies !

Karen Peirens FourSight workshp Groupprofile

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