Fierce Ladies Academy: Discover your thinking style and boost your idea

I will be running a Fierce Ladies Academy on March 21st in Brussels @Orange.  

In this academy you will discover your thinking style preference using the FourSight framework and questionnaire.

After an “Accelerate your idea” workshop, you maybe wondered… what is my next step? And why does it take me some effort to move forward? And why does it seem so simple to others? 

FourSight can answer that for you !

Based on the creative problem solving process it gives you an idea on what you prefer: clarifying the problem or situation (always asking questions and digging deeper), ideation to find new opportunities and solutions (your idea stream is unstoppable, your dreams and vision are full of potential but stay “in the cloud”), develop the best solution (you can not kick start or launch something unless you have tested it a 100 times, and are convinced it is perfect), or simply act (just do it and think afterwards). Preferences show up as strengths, or as potential blind spots. Insight can help you in understanding yourself, and your environment.

What this academy brings you? To accelerate your idea even more, to better understand how you learn and grow, and from whom, how you can turn friction and frustration in complementarity…

This Academy is open to Fierce-Ladies members only. Become a member on

 Once you are registred, you will receive an invite to fill out the questionnaire, it takes about 15 minutes. 


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