Mission accomplished

Yesterday I had an amazing day! Lorenzo Bown asked me to run a workshop for StoryMe's 80 coworkers during their yearly weekend. His enthousiasm was contaminating. I could simply not resist ! They aimed to share and co-create their mission, vision and strategy with the whole team - 50% just recently joined the company.

It always surprises me to see how start ups don't question the importance of spending time on your company's "WHY" with all people involved, and how easy going they run through exercises on the company's identity, mission, vision and strategy. Everybody was committed and involved in explaining what StoryMe's mission meant to them, how they live it already today, and why each and one of them get out of bed for in the morning. During the same day, teams started defining their goals for next year, and their strategy to achieve them, and most important, how they wil monitor themselves to keep track. Being able to share that, all together is such a big step forward, and makes it so much easier to get the work done afterwards.

What I enjoyed the most, was that everybody at StoryMe can truly be themselves. The openness, the involvement, the shared ambition was so lively present ! Self management, wholeness and evolutionary purpose: no theory at StoryMe, but living practice. And for me a proof of that is the "flow" and creativity I felt during the preparation and the facilitation. When all ingredients are present, and you can tune in to that reality as a facilitator, it's an easy and energising job ! Thank you penguins :-) for letting me be part of it ! And thank you Mattias Pauwels for accomplishing this mission together.

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