Looking for your next learning opportunity?

Looking for your next learning opportunity?

Summer is the time in which you might be thinking of your next training program or you are planning what conferences to attend over the next months. With the babel journey we have created something new and special. Not sitting and listening in a class or conference room, taking notes, dreaming of how you can apply what you've heard...

We over you a setting in which you can learn by doing, discovering, testing, experimenting, in small groups, with people from different organizations and contexts. And you will work on a relevant topic. Curious? Continu reading or go to www.babel-journey.eu.

Everybody is talking about agile. But are you also wondering how tools and methods like scrum, kanban, daily standup, … can be applied beyond software development?

Many people are trying out new ways of working, creating the future of work. But wat does it mean to you? Do concepts like “self management” and discovering a joint purpose trigger you?

Many conferences and trainings focus on these topics today by explaining what they are all about and how they work. We want to offer you something different. An opportunity not only to get inspired, but also to take a deep dive in discovering how business agility works in all its perspectives. This way, you can really learn and experience it all and find out how to take it back to your daily activities and life.

During a one year journey, you will learn on several levels and in several domains. You will grow your skills and capabilities, but you will also grow as a person.

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