Connect your people,
boost your team, create value

I help people to discover what they are best at, this leads to happier people and better team performance, and creates value for your business.
As for the future,
your task is not to
foresee it
but to enable it
- Antoine de Saint Exupéry
Jungo comes from latin, “I connect”.

I have a passion for people, I love it when I see the sparkle in your eyes, loving what you do and confident it will create value and make life better, easier, more comfortable. I’m a great listener and challenger. I love to look at issues and questions from different angles, sometimes unexpected to you.
My facilitation skills are structured around three topics: align for the future, boost your team, go beyond idea generation and create new value propositions and aims at getting the best possible result out of it.

In my experience, these three topics help you to spend your time and effort well, and to make sure you do not waste valuable resources.

Align for the future

I connect you and your team around a clear purpose to tackle future challenges. Together, we focus on a clear mission and vision, bringing focus by co-creating your strategy.

Boost your team

Build resilient teams by making sure there is enough safety in your team so teammembers can focus on the core of their team work and collaboration. Don’t waste time any longer in disfunctioning teams and boring meetings.

Go beyond idea generation

I support you to discover new value propositions for your clients and unleash your innovative potential. Using several tools and techniques to improve your creative thinking skills and business model generation abilities.

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